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Boost ROI potential by putting some thought into your renovations….

Tips for Planning a Bathroom Update Do you want to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom? Before you disrupt your household with the hassle of a remodel, make sure you’re prepared. Familiarize yourself with this cost and ROI overview to help guide the planning process. What Does This Type of Remodel Cost? The first step […]

Tommy Hilfiger's Lavish Country Home

Tommy Hilfiger’s Lavish Country Home

Cool Ceilings Abound in Tommy Hilfiger’s Lavish Country Home Photo: Oberto Gili As far as social design trends go, floors have become an obvious staple—just search under the hashtag #viewfromthetop or, simply, #floors. Ceilings, however, don’t get as much shine, but one person who’s offering up the oft-forgotten for new consideration is Tommy Hilfiger. The […]