For Curtains That Don’t Look Like an Afterthought, Try This

A more harmonious curtain-to-room relationship

These days, if you can imagine your grandmother approving of a certain decor move, then it’s probably coming back into fashion. Old portraitureTented roomsValences? You name it. One more to add to the list: matching wallpaper and curtains. So long as the rest of your room isn’t too opulent or fussy, matching these two elements can add ample dimension with none of the visual clutter that typically comes from contrasting drapes. (Your curtains will look a little bit like they’ve grown right out of the walls rather than being tacked onto them.) Here are two different takes and why we love them both:

Pattern on Pattern

While small patterns—think itsy-bitsy florals—will read more clearly through the pleats, large patterns can be just as fun to play with. You won’t see the print as clearly in the drapes, but that little bit of distortion will actually keep them from feeling too matchy-matchy.

Tone on Tone

tone on tone wallpaper and curtains