Sell a Home

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Are you ready to sell your home?

The Taylor Team would like an opportunity to meet with you and explain the most advantageous marketing strategy for your home. We don’t simply list a property. We market and sell your property.

To help prepare you for a successful home selling process, this section delves into a variety of topics related to selling a home, including:

Our Role as Your Agent
We know how to sell homes. Successful home sales balance four components: the market, price, condition of the house, and exposure. Because real estate agents know about market trends and the other houses in your neighborhood, we’re well equipped to leverage your home’s advantages. Plus, we:

  1. have access to people who are most likely to buy your home
  2. only bring you pre-approved buyers
  3. will list your property in our MLS and over 800 home search portals
  4. will advertise your home globally

Even if you’re under no pressure to sell, waiting for particular market conditions is not likely to increase your profit potential. While you’re waiting for conditions to improve, you are continuing to make mortgage and insurance payments,  and HOA payments (if applicable). This increases the amount of money you invest in your home while the price of your next home may also be increasing.

How Long it Takes to Sell
Average listing times vary from 14 to 90 days, depending on a variety of factors. When your property is first put on the market, creating a perception of value and a sense of urgency will get you the greatest number of showings.

Pricing Your Home
Your home is only worth what a buyer in the current market is willing to pay; in other words, fair market value. This is the highest price an informed buyer will pay, assuming there is no unusual pressure to complete the purchase. It is usually not the asking price.

You will know if your home is priced right by the number of showings:

  • If a property is overpriced, buyers and agents will notice it when it hits the market, but there won’t be a perception of value. Therefore there will likely be no showings or offers.
  • If a property is priced close to buyers’ perception of current value, there may be some showings, and possibly an offer below the asking price. Without competition and a sense of urgency, there is no need for a buyer to offer the asking price.
  • If the property is priced a little below buyers’ perception of value, it could become a hot property. There may be numerous showings and as a result, the home may attract multiple offers. By setting the price slightly lower, this strategy may stimulate the conditions found in an appreciating market, and ultimately sells more quickly and possibly for more than the asking price.

It is our job to watch the market and determine how your property stands out against the competition by providing a thorough Comparative Market Analysis.

Finding Buyers
The Taylor Team will list your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a system that reaches millions of buyers around the world. The system enables brokers to share commission on the sale of houses. For example, if you list your home with one broker and another broker actually sells it, he or she shares the commission. The advantage to you is clear: More brokers have an interest in selling your home.

Fewer than 5% of buyers actually purchase the first house they call an agent about. So we will design advertising to “find the buyer” with appealing layouts, eye-catching photos and professionally written descriptions and professionally hosted open houses. We also use multiple channels—online, print, and direct mail.

Closing the Sale
We’ll help you prepare by giving you a step-by-step preview of the entire process. We’ll also make sure you bring all necessary documents and other information.

We will be at the table when you close the sale and hand over the keys. The lender and the title company will also be there. Once all of the documents are signed, the home is sold. Congratulations!

We’ll help make the experience of selling your home as smooth and easy as possible. Even if you’re not ready to list your home and simply have questions about the local market, price or mortgage trends, you are welcome to contact us!


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